May 16, 2009

Getting the Job, Keeping the Job, Getting the Pay Raise

First always include a Picture With Resume.

I have never required a photo with a resume but I understand why some people might. When I post a advertisement I interview all of the qualified applicants but times are hard and certain facts remain.
They are: 
1) If you really want the job and want to start at the top scale you will need to be pleasant or at least interesting to look at. 
2) Ours will be a symbiotic relationship and involve more than just money. 
3) If you want a 40% wage increase at the time of your 90 day evaluation it would help if you can fuck like a wild animal, have a epileptic siesure like orgasm during office sex (No Faking!), suck cock like a porn star, and kiss me after I cum in your mouth.